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Welcome. I’m Daniyela.

I’m most at home in the forest. Nature is my remedy.


I am a Womb Massage Therapist trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Flower Essence Therapy,

Chiron Healing and Reiki.  I am also a Red Tent Facilitator, Menstrual Cycle Mentor and a Registered Nurse.

My passion is supporting women to reconnect back with themselves, understand the power of our cyclical nature so that we may live and love more in tune with ourselves and the natural world around us.

My experiences have allowed me to appreciate the importance of looking after myself, connecting to and honouring my inner light and listening to my intuitive sense.

I long for all women to honour and love themselves, to know how amazing they are and to value the importance of rest and self nurture.

" I had a healing with Daniyela with the intention of clearing the way for pregnancy. Daniyela held a loving sacred space and let's say by the time we went for the next appointment I was pregnant! Thank you for the wonderful experience'"


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