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Being Held

I had a womb massage today. I am fortunate that I am able to receive them frequently. For me the experience is always different but always what is needed.

Today I went with the intent of being nurtured and grounded after a few weeks of big changes in my life. Exciting changes. But I knew there was something bubbling under the surface, some emotion and experience wanting to express and expel itself.

It was deep; I accessed something that I had no conscious awareness was there. I still can’t describe what is or was, though it feels significant.

So, then I entered my head, questioning and searching for a logical answer to what I experienced. Have I uncovered a suppressed trauma? From this life? From a past life? What words can I attach to what I was feeling? What meditation, mantra, essence etc etc etc can I use to fix myself? To heal myself from this? Whatever this is.

And then I entered my heart. And I asked what do I need in this moment? And I listened.

I lay on the grass, underneath my guardian trees and I watched. And I saw. I saw the silver green eucalyptus leaves sparkle like stars against the blue sky as the wind gently danced through them. I saw layers of branches leading up to the highest one, way, way above. Each with different vantage point of the same view.

And then I felt. I felt myself supported by the ground. I felt Mother Earth embrace me and draw me into her womb. I felt my foetal self be nurtured, loved and held by her.

And here I currently reside, inside the womb of the Great Mother. This is all that is needed. No analysis, no attachment to story. Just to be held.

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